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Engage and Interact with Your Virtual Human Scenarios, Empowered by Personalized Analytics

Create your very own AI Virtual Humans

Experience the power of generative AI with InteractAI! Our innovative platform creates realistic virtual humans to simulate real-life scenarios and help learners hone their interpersonal communication and management skills. Take your training to the next level with InteractAI!

Proven to train Doctors & more

Our Virtual Humans can potray complex medical scenarios & conversations in the most demanding industry.

The Best AI Virtual Human Conversation 

Solving Hallucination or conversation repetition -

Our Proprietary Pipeline has huge improvements over Rule-Based or off-the-shelf large language models.

Create Immediately

Our AI Model intelligently intepretes the persona you want with any key information you give it. 

Integrated Analytics

Our Analytics system personalises your feedback by taking into account the scenario, conversation and intended outcome. 

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


time savings in creating scenarios*

> 1000

more AI Virtual Human Scenarios


reduction in training time


increased confidence, task efficiency, knowledge acquisition & retention

Clients & Partners

Watch how to create a full scenario in 90 seconds

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