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About us

InteractAI (formerly known as MediVR) is a Singapore deep-tech start-up that is revolutionizing the way professionals train and learn. Our AI virtual humans provide a safe and immersive environment that allows professionals to improve their efficiency and confidence in their interpersonal and management skills.

As a Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner, Nvidia Inception Partner, and supported by IMDA, we are at the forefront of the immersive reality simulation industry. Our AI virtual humans are currently being deployed in a variety of sectors, including the medical, education, and service training fields. We have published and presented our impact at AI for Education 2022 and ISMAR 2022. 

To generate scenarios rapidly, our no-code creation platform has been proven to result in up to 95% time savings in creating and customizing real-life training scenarios.  


These embody the full characteristics

and emotions of patients, students,

customers, and staff of all races

and ages. Real-time analytics and

support on multiple platforms also

make self-directed learning more

accessible than ever before.

Our Co-Founders

Anthea Foong
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Aiden Koh
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Ng Han Wei_Official Photo (no background
Ng Han Wei
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Jeremy Ong
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