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AI Virtual Humans

Welcome to InteractAI, the revolutionary AI Virtual Human Conversation system for training and education.


InteractAI is a scalable and accurate platform that has already been used to train medical professionals, teachers, financial advisors and many other industries.

Our technology allows users to easily create real-life scenarios on a wide range of topics for learners to experience. InteractAI utilizes the latest advances in AI and machine learning to generate AI virtual humans that can understand and respond to questions and prompts in a way that mimics real human conversation.

What sets InteractAI apart is its ability to recall information accurately and effectively. This means that learners can have meaningful, interactive discussions with InteractAI's virtual humans, and walk away with a deeper understanding of the material.

With InteractAI, you can revolutionize the way that you train and educate. So why wait? Register your interest below for a demo!

Creating Realistic Training has Never Been Easier


  • 1:1 Consultation with AI Expert

  • Ready Made Presets

  • No-Code Customisable

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  • Scalable

  • Unlimited Attempts

  • In Any Environment

  • On Any Platform (PC/Mobile/VR/MR)



  • Curriculum Alignment

  • Real-time Reports

  • Customisable Metrics

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Realistic Simulations

Our custom ConvoAI pipelines replicate real-life conversations with virtual humans by handling out-of-domain questions and staying focused on the main problem. This ensures that our conversations remain engaging and realistic, making our immersive training experiences more effective than competitors who rely on prompt engineering or rule-based chatbots. Our virtual humans are tailored to specific domains and are capable of in-depth conversational points.


Dialogue Flow Management

Our system gives users direct control over the flow of the conversation to create deeper, more realistic interactions. Unlike competitors who rely on LLMs, our solution allows users to direct changes in context as the conversation moves on. This gives virtual humans a further level of depth, allowing them to shift perspectives and reflect changes in thought processes.

Seamless Integration with Existing Training Requirements

Our system allows for the assignment of pre-defined conversational flows, ensuring standardized and repeatable conversational training. Competitors' GPT-based systems only offer open-ended conversations, while rule-based chatbots restrict users from exploring conversational points in depth.

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Easy and Extensive Customization of Virtual Humans

Our system enables users to easily input critical domain knowledge for creating virtual humans and control the flow of the conversation without requiring deep ML domain knowledge or technical expertise. This results in high-quality virtual humans with minimal iterations needed, compared to competitors who rely on existing chatbot systems or prompt engineering.


Emotion and Behaviour Control

Our virtual humans are capable of extensive emotion and behaviour control, adding more dynamics to the conversation and mimicking real-life exchanges. Competitors often use rule-based methods that control the facial expressions of virtual avatars based on the user's input sentence, resulting in less dynamic and less authentic interactions.


Comprehensive Analytics

Our analytics system provides specific conversational analytics for training purposes and combines critical components into a single in-depth report. Our analytics are compatible with both virtual and real-world training, unlike competitors that require separate connections to third-party providers or offer limited analytics capabilities.



Conversational AI

Our system creates and stores virtual human knowledge as embeddings, reducing creation time and costs compared to traditional approaches by competitors that require fine-tuning LLM models or creating rule-based chatbots for each virtual human.

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