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Enhance Learning Outcomes with
Customized Scenarios for Your Learners

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Standardise Education:
Equal Learning Opportunities with Personalised Feedback

Organisations traditionally spend countless hours and resources on training and development. With our easy to create AI Virtual Humans, we can reduce manpower and organization resources.

Not only that, but our platform promotes self-directed learning through data-driven analysis. This helps to develop initiative and perseverance in your team, ultimately accelerating their learning progress.


Improve efficiency with our dynamic and replayable experiences. And with complete accessibility on mobile, PC, VR, AR, and even offline, our solution is available to you anytime, anywhere.

Personalised Feedback

The conversation is considered a success if the student is polite, does not stutter, and exhibits empathy.


We recommend the following suggestions: Acknowledging Janet's anxiety and providing reassurance from the beginning. Additionally, the doctor could have been more specific and clear in their explanations. Here's a revised conversation:

Customized Analytics Insights

Users have the flexibility to personalize their analytics by selecting the key intent they wish to identify from the conversation. This allows them to efficiently detect red flags or crucial information that should be expressed during the conversation.

Instant Personalized Feedback

Learners receive instant personalized feedback through our system, which takes their sentences and rewrites them based on the conversation's objective, considering both context and the virtual human involved.

Reliable Feedback

Learners receive consistent and standardized feedback from our system, ensuring objective evaluation of their performance. Allowing learners to track their progress accurately and make targeted improvements.

Use Cases

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