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Game Developer MR/VR, Senior


Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

Engineers at MediVR build things that matter - MediVR is redefining medical training for our medical students, front-line health workers, and doctors. At the heart of MediVR are the healthcare professionals we work with, and the technology we build inspires their lives and training experience. Here, every engineer works on exciting, meaningful projects. We move fast, have fun and help each other out.

MediVR’s advanced medical training simulations utilize state-of-the-art NLP, realistic virtual humans and mixed reality that empower our users’ medical education journey.

Our training simulations are deployed from Mixed Reality headsets like the HoloLens 2 and Oculus Quest 2, implementing the highest quality training simulation from the most state-of-the-art hardware. We are Microsoft Partners and part of Nvidia Inception, giving us access to cutting edge technology.

MediVR VR/MR engineers have a penchant for solving unique problems;
If you love and thrive on keeping up to date with and gaining a deep understanding of the latest immersive reality technologies, you will love working with us. MediVR is as much about VR/MR training as it is about employing diverse areas of computer science, including machine learning, natural language processing and data analytics to transform the medical training industry.

Your main responsibilities would include:
1. Development of medical training VR/MR applications
1.1. Oversee and help in developing fundamental components of VR/MR training programs (Unity3D, MRTK, Oculus Integration Toolkit)
1.2 Create Unity Packages of said components for internal development use
2. Deployment, maintenance and management of VR applications (Oculus App Store)
3. Deployment, maintenance and management of MR applications on HoloLens 2 (Microsoft App Store)


Main Requirements:

  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or ICT-related field (Relevant work experience in lieu of degree)

  • Broad knowledge of new VR/MR methodologies

  • Strong ability in development and deployment of VR/MR applications for corporate use

  • Strong development experience in Unity3D

  • Strong programming experience in C#

  • Relevant programming experience in C++

Bonus points:

  • You have experience implementing Machine Learning methodologies and software for VR/MR applications (eg. OpenCV, CNN models)

  • You have experience developing optimized, high fidelity VR/MR applications

  • You are well-versed in creating Unity plugins and SDKs

  • You have a solid foundation in object oriented programming

About the Company

MediVR is a Singapore deep-tech start-up that is a leader in creating virtual patients for medical simulation. Our Virtual Patients are powered by Artificial Intelligence and used in both Mixed Reality and Virtual Reality Medical Scenarios.
We are Microsoft Mixed Reality Partners and are working with top medical institutions and hospitals to bring Singapore to the forefront of medical MR/VR research and position ourselves as a pioneer in the use of this technology.
Additionally, MediVR leverages data analytics to provide key insights which will improve performance and training success. Built on multiple platforms and across different languages, MediVR aims to allow widespread adoption so professionals can integrate this training into their curriculum.

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