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Healthcare Education

Ophthalmology Examination

Perform ocular & pupillary examinations;

Use a template or create your own patient scenarios

Say "Goodbye" to limited training opportunities

It can be difficult to find suitable patients for students to practice on.

Oftentimes, medical students graduate without encountering a variety of cases. 

Signs and Symptoms

Expose students to a range of conditions and signs that they may not encounter in their short Ophthalmology posting

Immersive and Realistic

With Immersive Reality and full Hands Tracking, examine your AI virtual patient like the real deal.

No-Code Patient Creation Tool

Customize your very own patient using our CreateAI Tool and practice imediately

Analytics & Immediate Feedback

View detailed metrics, guide students in real-time, review past sessions 

What People Say

Ophthalmology Ocular Test_Hololens_AR_1.2.1.jpg

"Holomedicine has the potential to transform medical education by bringing true experiential learning to the next generation of
healthcare professionals."

Dr. Marcus
Consultant, Department of Ophthalmology,
National University Hospital
Ophthalmology Patient Creation_1.4_edited.jpg

Customise your Patient

Over 100 types of cases to create

Add Limitations or Overshoots for Ocular Motility

Adjust the Saccade & Pursuit speed

Change how Eyelids look

Change how Pupils dilate and contract

Pupillary Examination

Observe Pupillary Contraction and Dilation

Perform test for a variety of conditions!

Ophthalmology Ocular Test_Hololens_AR_1.3.3.jpg
Oculomotor Nerve Palsy_Original_1.8.1.jpeg

Ocular Motility Exmination

Correct the Patient's Head Posture!

Check for Anisocoria!

Pick up the Lang Cube!

And many other actions!

Take control of a New Era of Medical Education

Be part of the Healthcare Metaverse

Better care, Better health, Better world

MediVR is committed to ensuring that all medical professionals train with gold standard medical practices, utilizing our cutting edge technologies that are integrated into Virtual and Mixed Reality solutions.

Every solution is highly customizable, and is built to meet the needs of medical students and healthcare workers at all levels. 

Discover endless possibilities of training with our state-of-the-art virtual patients built to resemble the next patient who will walk into your clinic.

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