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Healthcare Education

Emergency Care

Improve decision-making and build confidence in your own customisable scenarios.

"Save" our Virtual Patients

Learn how to manage rare but important cases in the Emergency room.


Stabalise a paediatric patients with varying degrees of respiratory distress and learn different respiratory pathology in the virtual simulation.

Signs and Symptoms

Observe signs like wounds and deformities in virtual patients, and detect symptoms you would expect a patient to have.

Patient History

Find out the patient's past, present, social and family history for an informed decision.


Start your consultation with a "How may I help you?" and end with an "Is there anything else I can do for you?". For everything else in between, we’ll leave that to you.

Behaviour and Reaction

The patient responses to your every sentence and movement. Handle their emotions, share bad news, and manage difficult family members.

MediVR Paediatrics Symptom Controller.jpg

No-Code Patient Creation

Dynamic controls that allow fine-tuning of scenarios and viewing changes to the virtual patients instantaneously.

Assess & Stabilise the Patient

Dynamic controls that allow fine-tuning of scenarios and viewing changes to the virtual patients instantaneously.

Education_Healthcare_Paediatrics_Respiratory Distress_VR_Capture2.jpg
Paediatrics Dashboard_Charts (Dark Mode).png

Real-time Analytics

Align with the curriculum


Generate detailed and individual reports

Assess learning outcomes in an objective way

What People Say

HoloLens Stock.jpeg

"Holomedicine has the potential to transform medical education by bringing true experiential learning to the next generation of
healthcare professionals."

Dr. Marcus
Consultant, Department of Ophthalmology,
National University Hospital

Take control of a New Era of Medical Education

Be part of the Healthcare Metaverse

Better care, Better health, Better world

MediVR is committed to ensuring that all medical professionals train with gold standard medical practices, utilizing our cutting edge technologies that are integrated into Virtual and Mixed Reality solutions.

Every solution is highly customizable, and is built to meet the needs of medical students and healthcare workers at all levels. 

Discover endless possibilities of training with our state-of-the-art virtual patients built to resemble the next patient who will walk into your clinic.

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