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Marketing Associate, Intern


Job Type

Part Time

About the Role

- Builds new demand generation programmes, integrates technology platforms to improve brand presence and programme performance, achieving growth KPIs and revenue goals.
- Design of marketing collateral to put up on all social media platforms (LinkedIn, Instagram)
Increase traffic to company website for lead generation
- To strategize and execute campaigns to achieve revenue growth targets
- Create and run marketing campaigns that coincide
- Assist in editing in-house promo/highlight motion graphics videos (for internal and social media)
- Design compelling branding and marketing materials for print and digital
- Assist in marketing content creation
- Work collaboratively with design, development and marketing teams
- Understand creative directions and communication objectives and translate them into visuals


  • Able to do basic motion graphics videos

  • Experience with design tools such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, XD and/or others

  • Great communication skills

  • Have initiative and passion to drive new creative idea

  • Good team player and proactive in solving solutions

  • Good communication and interpersonal skill

  • Self-initiated, with the ability to manage your own time effectively with minimal supervision

About the Company

MediVR is a Singapore deep-tech start-up that is a leader in creating virtual patients for medical simulation. Our Virtual Patients are powered by Artificial Intelligence and used in both Mixed Reality and Virtual Reality Medical Scenarios.
We are Microsoft Mixed Reality Partners and are working with top medical institutions and hospitals to bring Singapore to the forefront of medical MR/VR research and position ourselves as a pioneer in the use of this technology.
Additionally, MediVR leverages data analytics to provide key insights which will improve performance and training success. Built on multiple platforms and across different languages, MediVR aims to allow widespread adoption so professionals can integrate this training into their curriculum.

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